Robo Advisor

Robo Advisor

Your robotic financial advisor! A sophisticated combination of mathematical and statistical models and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that analyzes, verifies and selects weekly trends of the most significant assets and suggests an investment portfolio suitable for your needs

High Heels Sale Model

This is not a joke but a price prediction model of the shoes and the sale according to local variables and global parameters. Its name is Moscioli Shoes Model … Curious to know how it was born?

Pattern Matching

Candlestick Pattern Recognition

An essential help for all traders and financial analysts? I have it! I have realized a system of AI algorithms to obtain a better accuracy in candle recognition. Stock charts will have no more secrets!

NOSTOPIT Lab Index Composite

NLI, Custom Volatility Index

As a good investor (not only of shoes!) I needed an index that synthetically measured the trend of the market that interests me. There was not what I wanted… I did it first to create it!

Advertising Model

Online Advertising Estimator

What is the correct budget to invest in advertising? Is it possible to transform marketing into profit-generating activities?
I have created an engine of analysis of the optimal investment in Adwords campaigns not to lose money and earn from advertising

Petrelli And Cesarini's Price Prediction Model

Financial Price Forecasting

“Is now the best time to sell my asset?” … this is the big question for most investors. We don’t know this, so we need a mathematical forecasting model to help us do it. My mathematical model is able to predict with good accuracy the next price of a financial asset based on AI methods and thanks to the use of a mathematical index calculated with the formula PETRELLI-CESARINI

EFFE - Financial Calculator

High Precision Financial Calculator

If, like me, you need a simple but precise tool for your financial calculations I have a advice: EFFE
A financial calculator easy to use and with a high precision thanks to a parser to evaluate expressions and mathematical, statistical, economic and financial libraries.

Ganttastik - Project Management Software

Data Driven Project Software

We make projects every day. But are we sure we’re doing it with the right tool?
I’ve developed data analysis algorithms for project management software to optimize costs, time and resources and get the best return from their use

Data Analysis Platform

Every project involves a model and every model its implementation algortims. But how do I realize all this?
The study and implementation of my models and algorithms starts from a sophisticated data analysis platform, nostopitSTUDIO.
It is the laboratory of research and development of my work!


Technical Analysis Platform

Not only trading books!
I have developed technical analysis libraries to practice in the financial markets. They are all collected in a trading training software, nostopitTRADING.
Are you curious to test libraries?

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