Data Scientist Test

Test your knowledge of Data Science

1. What are Artificial Neural Networks?


2. What are shape indices of a distribution?


3. Which of the following are “Measures of Central Tendency”?


4. What Is Naive Bayes?


5. Positive Correlation:


6. Which of the following diagram is used to view correlation?


7. Which is an activation function in neural networks?


8. What Are some Drawbacks of the Linear Model?


9. What is lazy algorithm?


10. Who is a data scientist?


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This test is used to assess your level of knowledge of topics related to the world of data science.
Correctly answered questions give a variable positive score depending on the difficulty. Missed questions give a score of 0 and wrong answers give a variable negative score.

Disclaimer: This test is the brainchild of the authors of this website, and all questions and assessments are based on their many years of personal experience as trainers. As such, this test is informal and confidential and can in no way be taken as a reference and has no legal value.

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