Moscioli Shoes Model

Moscioli Shoes Model

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The region where I live is famous for the production of shoes, beautiful handmade shoes made in Italy … maybe even from this comes my passion!

As for many artisan companies around the world, the problem of production is very serious. How many shoes can I sell next season? How many will be my next customers? What will be their spending capacity? Will some unpredictable event happen that will affect the demand?

… in short, how many shoes should I produce? This is the question that many entrepreneurs asked me. To respond to this need the Moscioli Shoes Model was born (then I will tell you why this name)

The model predicts the price of the shoes and the sale according to local variables and global parameters, such as the season, the target etc.

Why the name? In honor of Portonovo ( and his very good mussels first of all and then because I have some shoes with heels 🙂

Moscioli Shoes Model
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Donata Petrelli